Garzón Huila, complete tuourist guide

garzon huila tourist guide

One of the tourist places that you cannot miss in Garzón is Monserrate, a path where you can visit a beautiful chapel in the middle of nature. In addition to its attractive architecture, here you can see the image of the Lord of Monserrate, which is highly revered by both locals and inhabitants of the department of Huila. Also, in this place you will have a spectacular view since there are many green mountains around. So if you want to connect with nature and get to know part of the “Alma del Huila”, then visit Monserrate.

Loma Chata

You can also visit Loma Chata, a beautiful agropark where you will find various farms to stay with all the comforts, whether with family, partner or friends. Here you can disconnect from the city and breathe fresh air, as well as take walks in fields full of vegetation.

You will also have the opportunity to do activities such as visiting small waterfalls and hiking. So if you want to have a relaxing landscape and take a few days off, choose this incredible destination.

Salto Las Damas

Likewise, the “Salto Las Damas” is another natural attraction in Garzón Huila that is not to be missed. It is located in La Quebrada de Las Damas, within the limits of the Cerro Páramo de Miraflores Regional Natural Park. It bears this name because the women of the area came to this point to wash their clothes.

It is an incredible waterfall that generates a natural pool that enchants adults and children. It has a height of 20 meters and, to reach it, you must take a 30-minute walk through a forest. It is definitely a place that seems to be taken from a photograph due to its beauty and tranquility.

Bosque Petrificado

The Bosque Petrificado is another attraction in Garzón. It is located on the path of Majo.

It is an unusual place, where a rock has been formed due to the presence of eroded rocks. These, due to their distribution, have created a very interesting forest. So if you want to take pictures with an amazing landscape, don’t hesitate to visit this destination.

Mi Ranchito

If you want to camp a few days in nature and do activities such as fishing, among others around a river, then you must visit Mi Ranchito. It is located in the Inspection of La Jagua, on the Suaza river bridge. Here you can spend quiet days enjoying the tranquility of the flora and fauna of Huila with your friends or family. Without a doubt, it is a plan that anyone loves.

El Peñón

Finally, you can get to know El Peñón, a place very visited by locals on holidays to practice swimming and have fun with the family. It is located on the Magdalena River, via La Jagua. Here you will find a puddle very similar to a pool, perfect for swimming and disconnecting from everyday worries. So if you have more free days in Garzón, go ahead and enjoy this attraction.