Plans to do in Cali Colombia at night

Cali is known for being one of the most party cities in Colombia. Cali is known as the branch of heaven, it is also known for being the so-called capital of salsa.

If you are a tourist and you know little about Cali, here are some plans to do at night in Cali.



San Antonio

Sebastian de Belalcazar

Dance and drink

If you like to drink and party and dance, here are some options for you.

La Topa Tolondra

On Mondays at 7 at night there are free salsa classes, you only pay the cover. After 9 the party begins. Mostly salsa is danced.

la topa tolondra salsa class place to visit

La pergola


In 1060 you can find music of different tastes. 4 floors of music of different genres, among which is Salsa, reggaeton and electro.

The breeze that falls from the Farallones de Cali and a terrace that offers a privileged 360-degree view of the entire city, have made Espacio 10-60 a privileged place to meet hundreds of Cali people who seek to get out of the daily routine.

However, in addition to the parties that are held there every weekend, this space wants to open a place for the city’s entrepreneurs; creatives looking to showcase their products in new settings.

Last Sunday, July 15, more than 20 brands met at a ‘Francachela’, an event organized by the ‘Colectivo Loja Crew’ that allowed their initiatives to be seen by hundreds of people to the rhythm of music, food and talk.

“We want this to be a space out of the ordinary, where we get out of the stuffy and we can bring together those young people who want to show their work,” said David Villegas, co-owner of Espacio 10-60.

For their part, Alejandra Caicedo and Cecilia Isaza, organizers of the event and members of the Loja Crew collective, indicated that these types of spaces will continue to be repeated so that tattoo artists, painters, artists, local bands, creators of paintings, embroiderers, designers, cooks and others artists show the best of their work from 3:00 in the afternoon until 1:00 in the morning.

“We want this space to open every eight days, where we get out of that rumbero space as they recognize us, but also where people see that there is art here, but above all support for local talent,” said David.

According to the Cali Creativa portal of the Ministry of Economic Development, the ventures of the capital of the Valley stand out, not only in the region, but also internationally, which makes the city one of the main engines that move the so-called ‘Orange Economy’ in the country.