Tourist places in Pitalito Huila

pitalito huila tourism guide

Just 3 hours driving from Neiva is the municipality of Pitalito, a destination surrounded by incredible natural landscapes, archaeological parks, historic buildings and wonderful handicrafts. Therefore, we invite you to visit the following destinations if you are going to travel or do tourism in the department of Huila:

Get to know the “Cueva de los Guácharos National Natural Park”

If you want to spend some quiet time in the middle of nature, we recommend you visit the Cueva de los Guácharos National Natural Park. In this place you can carry out activities such as walks and sighting of flora and fauna.

During the tour you will find many natural attractions such as waterfalls, ravines and other wonders that will make the trip very exciting.

Likewise, you can do extreme activities such as caving in the caves of the Indio and the Guácharos. In the latter you will see thousands of Guácharos birds, a species of reddish plumage that is characterized by living in dark places and going out to look for food at night.

In this cave, you will also find stalactites of different sizes and tunnels that you will have to cross with great skill. Without a doubt, it is one of the tourist places in Pitalito that you cannot miss.

Visit the Guaitipan lagoon

If what you are looking for is a quiet day in the middle of nature, you cannot miss the Guaitipan lagoon. This destination, located 35 minutes from Pitalito, stands out for the purity of its waters and the exuberant vegetation that surrounds it.

In this lagoon you can take a canoe tour through its crystal clear waters and other activities such as flora and fauna sighting. During your visit you will see the incredible landscapes that adorn this lake and you will discover the most surprising stories.

According to historians, this territory, which belonged to the Yalcones indigenous people, took its name from the cacica Guaitipan, a brave woman who led the battle against the Spanish. In addition, it is said that in the depths of this lagoon some treasures that belonged to this community are hidden.

Visit the Museum of Archeology and Art of Pitalito

This colonial-style museum, which opened in 2006, collects thousands of archaeological objects that belonged to the ancient inhabitants of this land.

In the different exhibition rooms, visitors will be able to see more than 340 ceramic pieces, 230 tools and dozens of stone sculptures, which were found in the municipality a few years ago. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to enjoy an outstanding exhibition by important artists of Laboyan origin.

If you want to know all the cultural and historical richness of this area of ​​the country, be sure to include this plan in your agenda. Remember that the museum is located in the main park of the municipality, in the old facilities of the mayor’s office.

Fun facts

The municipality of Pitalito is located at the entrance of the Colombian Massif, in the Laboyos Valley. For this reason, its inhabitants are known as “Laboyanos”.
The San Antonio de Padua church is located in the main park, the first temple that was built within the Municipality of Pitalito. Although it was inaugurated in 1875, it underwent several modifications between 1948 and 1966. However, in 1967 it was rebuilt due to the strong earthquake that hit that area.
This land is the habitat of animals such as the Andean bear, the Mountain Tapir, the Colorado Duck and the Orange Warbler, among other endemic species.


Do not leave Pitalito without trying some of its typical dishes such as Huilense tamales, achira cake and Huilense roast, among others.
If you are going to visit the Guaitipan lagoon, do not leave garbage in its surroundings and in its waters. Take care and protect these territories!