Visit San Cipriano, a good place near to Cali

visit san cipriano

San Cipriano is one of the towns near Cali that has all the flavor of the Pacific, where you can learn about the Afro culture, enjoy natural pools, waterfalls, and streams, and look for hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians. A natural paradise that is immersed in the thick tropical jungle.

To get to San Cipriano from Cali you must take a bus to Buenaventura, but you have to tell the driver that you are going to San Cipriano so that he drops you off at the bridge known as Zaragoza, from there you will have to go to the other side of the street to buy the passages of the witches that will take you to the nature reserve.

The little witches are wooden planks with metal wheels that are attached to the railway tracks and are driven by a motorcycle, and the nice thing about riding them is that they will take you for about 20 minutes through the jungle and you will be surrounded by a landscape without Same. Brujitas normally operate until 5 pm, so when buying the ticket you must confirm the departure and arrival times.

In San Cipriano you can walk the ecological trails of the nature reserve, which will take you to puddles and natural pools of crystal clear waters and of different depth levels, and will also take you to some waterfalls, but remember that for your safety you should always rent a life jacket and use it when you enter the river.

Finally, keep in mind that within the nature reserve you can find camping areas, restaurants, native inns and local guides who can accompany you to discover the best of San Cipriano.